We all have different outlooks on life and many many metaphors have been used to describe this state of being. I’m adding another one right now by telling you Life is a hall of Mirrors.

I don’t mean to elaborate on the aspects of life at all, only the people that feature in it.

I believe that we see each person through our own eyes – our own personal filter that notices the physical aspects- the height, the approximate weight, the length of their face, the smile etc. The emotions that we feel when we see them are then passed to the mind, which forms the second filter, categorising the emotions into positive and negative and using it to paint a mental picture of the person. However, instead of sensing that person as he looks, we tend to sense him as we would have looked in his case.

I’m not saying we mentally photoshop our heads onto that person’s body. No.
Just think, we as human beings, as people, so often think of what we would do if we were in that person’s position even while simply talking to someone. Maybe we wouldn’t tap our feet as much or talk a little slower or eat a little more silently and a hundred more little details that our minds only saw because we tend to have either the same or the opposite habit.

Now think of what a hall of mirrors essentially is. It is a room full of mirrors of different shapes and sizes which elongate or compress or stretch your image in odd ways. Sometimes it changes it so much that it can no longer be your image at all. Some make you comically short, others make you awkwardly tall. Some make you look paper thin and others make you look like you just gobbled a planet. Some mirrors are hazy, some are clear.

What these mirrors are doing, in context, is changing the amount of similarity between you and the image. They change little aspects of you, your height, your figure etc., giving you images of different people that share some traits with you.

In all the Hall of Mirrors there is always one mirror that is straight, a normal mirror, and that mirror speaks to me on a different level.

It says, even if you are in a world where you don’t fit, if you look hard enough there will always be another person like you, hiding away.

Then again, were you the reflection in the first place? Are you, in the end, somebody else’s straight mirror?

© Sonali Mukherjee

I thought of this while reading a post by Transformation:Earth. I’ve linked it below