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My TLT for this week is

Mom always made the most awesome cupcakes and she always looked at the price of the fancy cupcake holder and decided on more milk or butter instead.

It was only on her birthday the following year, that she realised how perceptive her daughters had been of that particular trait, when, inside the packaged box, she found a giant wheel themed cupcake holder.

The two girls excitedly showed her how to put it together. The sacrificed ice creams were worth the smile on Mom’s face.

So this actually happened. A few years back, when I was studying to get into Engineering, Mom and I would sometimes meet up near this little shop that sold items that could be used for baking, decorating and serving. Mom always looked at the cake stands and cupcake holders but there was either no place, or something else was always required.

So my sister and I saved up for a year or thereabouts and decided we’d be able to afford the cupcake holder.

So naturally, when I saw the prompt I had to write about the giant wheel cupcake holder that we smuggled quietly into my grandmother’s house so Mom wouldn’t find it!