Image by Dan Carlson

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She ran on the circumference of the arena, leaving trails of fire and trapping the wind power user within it. As she took her tiger pounce stance, the crowd roared, knowing the outcome of the match before she threw the fireball at point blank range.

Twelve thousand years to that day, the God of Wind came every few years to catch a glimpse of her sitting atop the lit Olympic torch, watching and cheering.

He sighed. Game ,set, match and heart lost to the fire Goddess who beat him all those years ago.

So I found this prompt really difficult. I went through about five iterations before the story made sense. 

I know I’ve been posting only TLTs recently and I haven’t been active on WordPress at all, but my schedule right now is way too packed. Hopefully it’ll ease out when I get back to Mumbai at the end of this month.