Photo by Andrew Neel

A big thanks to Sonya for hosting the  Three line tales every week.

Here’s mine for this week

She sat with her head in her hands, wondering how to deal with her five year old son. Muddy and bruised, he claimed he’d found a treasure map that led under the treehouse, made a flag, and stuck it on top so no one would steal their treasure. On a sigh, she tried to explain to him, “There is no such thing. That’s how all treasure maps are. Empty.”

Her husband’s face swam before her eyes. His sparkling eyes laughing as she told him how much she loved treasure hunting. His pained smile as he left for the war,  leaving her with a two year old kid and a scroll.  “That’s not true Mamma. Look what I found!”

Clutched in his hand was a small ring with diamonds on it. The ring they couldn’t afford before he went to war. His last gift to her. Proof that treasure maps do exist. 

Β©Sonali Mukherjee 

I have no idea why I wrote such a sad one, but the image just seemed to call out to me in that way.

Something about the picture screamed melancholy. So I took it up accordingly.