Yes, I’m late, I’m sorry!

As always, a big thanks to Sonya for continuing the TLT Series, if anyone would like to join in or simply read the rest of the entries, click here.

My best friend sent me a post on instagram about being perfect, that’s basically what led to the TLT!

OK, here’s mine for this week

Red winds blew harshly, covering what little landscape existed in the arid climate, clashing against the walls of the city as the citizens abandoned their petty fights in their perfect lives to watch the magnificent sight, cowering as the winds broke through their shield, into their perfect homes.

Buried under the sand, the lovers slept in an eternal embrace, cast out of the city for their imperfect love.

Even in death they seemed to be pleading with the villagers to set aside the worst vice of humankind. Perfect – the social construct.

©Sonali Mukherjee