Hi, I know I’ve been off the radar for a while, but there was so much work!! Ugh. I’m back now though, and I hope to be more active from now on. I’ve only been posting 3 Line Tales recently, my Delhi Diaries also have been left orphaned and my stories are pretty much in tears!

Since this is quite a random post, I thought I’d just ramble for a while.

Also, my next post is probably going to be a recipe,

Should I post my Dead Easy Waffles recipe?

Or do you want to see some Easy Japanese Manju Recipe?

I love cooking desserts so if you have any recipes that I could try, I’d love if you send me a link in the comments.

Also! I crossed 100 followers a while back!

Thank You all you lovely people for following me and reading my posts! 

I had always hoped that I would find an audience for the stories I wrote, but I found a lovely network of people on this platform.

I have never actually met most of you, but I love the fact that you’ll take time to write sweet and helpful comments and give me feedback just like a family would!

Thanks to all those lovely people who didn’t end up  unfollowing me because I was a little inactive!

My 8 year old self would probably be smiling ear to ear if someone ever told her that there’d be over a 100 people reading what she writes!😊