Hand’s Up Tag!

Thanks for nominating me for this challenge, Savio 

Here are 10 things I think I do best with my hands

  1. Code (This word is probably only used by programmers. It simply means I write programs with these hands. It’s my job!😁)
  2. Whisk (I am extremely proud of ny whisking capability and technique (Thank You Jamie Oliver). My white sauce never has lumps and ny sabayon is smooth. As you can tell, I’m also very humble😝
  3. Write (I honestly never believed that I wrote well enough for people all over the world to read. This blog is one of the best things in my life and I absolutely love writing(typing?) stories and posts on it.
  4. Teach (I always loved to teach those that were younger than me. Probably as a result of being the eldest sibling in a sea of cousins. This only got amplified when I taught for Abhyudaya – An NGO which teaches small children.) 
  5. Set the table (I’ve always loved the elaborate way in which tables can be set when guests come over. Complete with the required cutlery, crockery, table-mat sets and napkins. I love trying to recreate them) 
  6. Paint (I’m not very good at drawing faces, whether animated or not, but I am considerably better at painting them. Whether glass painting or wall painting or canvas painting, I’ve tried it all. And I love it) 
  7. Read (Well, technically I don’t use my hand for much other than holding the book up, but it’s an important function in my case.) 
  8. Eat (If you know me, you know that I’m a foodie. A big one. And I love trying to eat food the way it is eaten in their home countries. I love eating with chopsticks and forks and spoons and whatever the food calls out for.) 
  9. Punch and Knead Dough (Whether it be Bread Loaves or Cookies or Rotis (Indian Bread), I love to punch and knead the dough until it is perfectly pliable) 
  10. Dance (Most classical dances in India have elaborate finger and hand formations called mudras which lend beauty and intricacy to the dance. I am trained in one of these dances – Oddissi.) 

    Well, I’d like to keep my nominations open, so, anyone who wants to take up the challenge, Be my Guest! 😊