3 Line Tales
Photo by Zara Walker

A big thanks to Sonya for hosting 3 Line Tales!

Here’s mine for the week 

He raised his hand and clumsily tried to explain the game to her as all the other children looked on. The little princess’ face remained blank,  and the children’s faces fell. There was no point on this party if she wasn’t enjoying herself. 

One of the older boys slipped out quietly and came back with a store of fire crackers. Lighting and holding the simple sparkler with her little hand in his, he showed her how to draw an apple with it. 

For the first time since her parents had fallen out because of her, the deaf-mute daughter of the singers smiled. 

©Sonali Mukherjee 

I was in school when I met a differently abled girl. She was visually challenged, but she was such a jolly person. She needed a writer for the exam she was taking, but no help otherwise.
She really inspired me, and I net her once more in my junior college.
This picture just clicked with my image of a forlorn girl seeing a sparkler or fooljhadi (this is what it’s called in Hindi) ; and smile for the first time in a while.